«Семейный Бизнес» Мелодия №1 - Ugly Duckling - Einstein Do It

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Публикация: 2016-02-22

Название: Ugly Duckling - Einstein Do It

Продолжительность mp3: 04:30

Певец: «Семейный Бизнес» Мелодия №1


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Текст песни:

Gather round y'all and listen to me
Sit back relax, while I do my thing
Check this out, check this out
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ah yeah, ah yeah
I like it, I like it
All aboard
The train is ready to roll

Einstein do it
Einstein do it
Einstein do it
Einstein do it

People in the place
Are you ready to rock
Hey DJ (yeah) tell 'em who they're dealing with
Young Einstein
In the mix
Show after show, pump it up
Put my rope chain on
Watch out boy
Einstein makes it funky (funky)
Te el profesor (uh, si) Fabuloso
Number one, yes uno
Back to burn
Stand in awe and watch a brother catch wreck
Feel alright
Scratchin to the beat in stereo
Rock on, rock on, rock on
We appear to have encountered
A previously unknown physical phenomenon
Young Einstein
This man is amazing
Bustin moves from another dimension
All systems functioning perfectly
Prepare to put beam down
Here he is, stop that man
You know I can't stop
When I'm on the stage I go a little berzerk
I give it all I got and all I got I give
And you want more
Hold up and let me get ready
Here's the cherry on the so-called top
I told ya

Einstein do it
Einstein do it
Cuttin records he's a superstar
You know his name
Einstein do it
You can't win against me so why bother
Now here we go

Take us to the breakdown
Do your thing
Right on
Ooh wee

Einstein do it
Einstein do it
Einstein do it
Einstein do it

Stop the show
I gotta go
Don't leave me please
Sorry baby but I gotta do what I gotta
Au revoir, bonsoir
Thanks for listening

ugly duckling "einstein do it"
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