Gorky Park - Stranger

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Публикация: 2016-03-09

Название: Stranger

Продолжительность mp3: 04:52

Певец: Gorky Park


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Текст песни:

Stranger next to me, have I seen your face
Stranger next to me, have I seen this place
Oh stranger you're so close I can hold your hand
I'm a stranger oh just like you don't you undestand
Oh stranger

Silence stopped the time I can hear your heart
Glimmer of your eyes reach me from the dark
I'm dreaming or may be not clothing's falling down
All matters we're giving up
Cause nothing matters now
Oh stranger

Between the walls and face to face. Oh stranger
We won't have another chance. Oh stranger
There won't be another night
Oh stranger With me tonight
You're stranger With me all night
My stranger

Flowers on the floor, all around your hair
Morning at the door, I don't think you care
You wisper in my ear, shiver in my arms
Don't let it stop, don't go away
Screaming in your eyes
Oh stranger

Gorky Park - Stranger [HD]
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2014-11-26 zamir 100 3395
Мне очень нравится Пуаро!!! И он он не сколько не надоедает! А вот книги с Марпл я больше одной подряд читать не могу!)) И еще мне очень нравится капитан Гастингс!!!...
2014-11-26 alina 6 2623
вообще у кого есть эта книга?...