Slipknot - World Leader труъ Cлипкнот, в отличии от клоунов из Айовы

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Публикация: 2016-04-01

Название: World Leader (труъ Cлипкнот, в отличии от клоунов из Айовы)

Продолжительность mp3: 02:06

Певец: Slipknot


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Текст песни:

Man plagued by fear, the voice he hears
Tell him to crucify, by the lies he's told
Never asking why
Locked in a spell, spawned of hell
He's playing the Devil's game
The wars decreed fulfilling the need
Of he who cannot be named

World leader(x3)
Dead leader

Things have changed in the world today
No one gives a fuck about what the people say
Ring leaders in the circus of nations
Toying with people's ties + relations
Don't leave a question of doubt in your mind
Don't look now we're runnin' out of time
Gotta do it now kick down the door
Let 'em know we don't neew thei attention no more

The head of stater makes prices inflate. Then you ask yourself why was he elected. Monuments erected, then impeachment you cry. He'll starts a war no one asked for, then he'll sit back + watch + laff(laugh). Then he'll retire when it's down to the wire and count all the money he has.

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2014-11-26 zamir 100 3598
Мне очень нравится Пуаро!!! И он он не сколько не надоедает! А вот книги с Марпл я больше одной подряд читать не могу!)) И еще мне очень нравится капитан Гастингс!!!...
2014-11-26 alina 6 2748
вообще у кого есть эта книга?...